The Color Orange: Furniture Store Adventures

Apparently, Fall 2012 ends next week.  And I never posted anything to celebrate one of my favorite seasons of the year.  Yikes!  So, in a bid to remedy this, here are some images from another visit to some furniture stores. … Continue reading

Caption This: Hillbilly Limbmozene Service

  I saw this ‘work of art’ at the Delta Fair I blogged about earlier this week.  Would you ride in this car to a wedding? Tufiakwa!  Especially not with that ‘person’ in there.  Just in case you wanted to … Continue reading

5 Fun Reasons why Johnny was so long at the Fair

Remember that nursery rhyme, ‘Oh Dear! What can the matter be?’ Here’s the version I remember: O dear, what can the matter be? O dear, what can the matter be? O dear, what can the matter be? Johnny’s so long … Continue reading

Caption This: Bleaching gone wrong

Caption This: Bleaching gone wrong

I have to say I was quite impressed with last week’s “Caption This” captions.  You guys got really creative there.  What’s that non-existent saying again? Nothing like a still object to get the brain juices flowing.  Try saying that in your … Continue reading

Clocks, Columns and Courthouses: The Three Cs

I must have mentioned at some point on this blog that Hernando is the county seat of Desoto County.  Well, I was there today and was at the historic downtown square, where the courthouse is located.  After running my errands, … Continue reading