Custom Mississippi State Mint Tins

Guess what I found the other day at Walgreen’s? These! They’re custom state mint tins. As the name suggests, they are customized with individual names and are designed to look like car license plates.  I actually found the one with … Continue reading

Caption This: Photographer or Model?

How was your weekend? Mine was quite restful.  I certainly hope yours was too. This picture has been sitting in my archives for months, but today, it has found its use.  It’s not everyday that you come across a fellow … Continue reading

The Noodle Bowl: Thai Green Curry Chicken

I used to think that Thai Food was exactly like Chinese food.  Wrong! They’re quite different.  Not to mention that what we call “Chinese Food” is not authentic Chinese cuisine.  But we’ll leave that discussion for another day. I recently … Continue reading

The Color Orange: Furniture Store Adventures

Apparently, Fall 2012 ends next week.  And I never posted anything to celebrate one of my favorite seasons of the year.  Yikes!  So, in a bid to remedy this, here are some images from another visit to some furniture stores. … Continue reading

Caption This: Outside the Courts of Justice

Caption This: Outside the Courts of Justice

Happy New Month! I can hardly believe we have less than 3 months left till the end of 2012.  And for those of us who celebrated Nigeria’s Independence on October 1st, what special ‘thing’ did you do to celebrate? I … Continue reading

Caption This: [More than] three pigs and counting …

For today’s Caption This entry, I decided to share another picture from Tuesday’s post on my visit to Memphis Barbecue Co. In this picture, I tried to capture as many pig memorabilia/art/trophies/collectibles (you get the picture) as I could.  I counted … Continue reading

Pigs meet Grafitti at Memphis Barbecue Co.

Sometime in May, I visited Memphis Barbecue Co., a restaurant which apparently is owned by the 2012 winners of Memphis in May.  While waiting to be seated by the hostess, I took the following pictures in the lobby.  I doubt … Continue reading