Caption This: Brave “Little” Heart

I have often wondered why I could never be truly ‘friends’ with an animal, and I think I finally have an answer: Food! Yes, I would be dreaming of when the animal would be ripe for grilling.  Think ‘fattened calf.’ … Continue reading

Caption This: Hillbilly Limbmozene Service

  I saw this ‘work of art’ at the Delta Fair I blogged about earlier this week.  Would you ride in this car to a wedding? Tufiakwa!  Especially not with that ‘person’ in there.  Just in case you wanted to … Continue reading

5 Fun Reasons why Johnny was so long at the Fair

Remember that nursery rhyme, ‘Oh Dear! What can the matter be?’ Here’s the version I remember: O dear, what can the matter be? O dear, what can the matter be? O dear, what can the matter be? Johnny’s so long … Continue reading

Caption This: [More than] three pigs and counting …

For today’s Caption This entry, I decided to share another picture from Tuesday’s post on my visit to Memphis Barbecue Co. In this picture, I tried to capture as many pig memorabilia/art/trophies/collectibles (you get the picture) as I could.  I counted … Continue reading

Pigs meet Grafitti at Memphis Barbecue Co.

Sometime in May, I visited Memphis Barbecue Co., a restaurant which apparently is owned by the 2012 winners of Memphis in May.  While waiting to be seated by the hostess, I took the following pictures in the lobby.  I doubt … Continue reading