Harbor Town Marina: An Unexpected Surprise

On Saturday, April 13, 2013, I went to Harbor Town on Mud Island in Memphis, TN.  The occasion? The 2nd Annual Harbor Town Craw fish Festival.  The only reason why I remember the exact date is because of this poster. … Continue reading

Aya de Yopougon (Yop City) Goes to the Public Library

Well, technically, books cannot walk. Unassisted 😉 So, Aya got a little help from me. Aya de Yopougon is the original name of the graphic novel series written by Marguerite Abouet and  illustrated by her husband, Clement Oubrerie.  It tells … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

These are the first three books (English version) of the popular Aya of Yop City (a.k.a Aya de Yopougon) books.  It is a series of graphic novels that tell the “lighthearted story about life in the Ivory Coast during the … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

I know this week’s challenge will soon come to an end, but I figured I would turn in my entry before the deadline.  Better late than never, right?   I took this image from the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. One … Continue reading

Caption This: Outside the Courts of Justice

Caption This: Outside the Courts of Justice

Happy New Month! I can hardly believe we have less than 3 months left till the end of 2012.  And for those of us who celebrated Nigeria’s Independence on October 1st, what special ‘thing’ did you do to celebrate? I … Continue reading

Caption This: Brave “Little” Heart

I have often wondered why I could never be truly ‘friends’ with an animal, and I think I finally have an answer: Food! Yes, I would be dreaming of when the animal would be ripe for grilling.  Think ‘fattened calf.’ … Continue reading