Illustrated Book Cover: Bewaji’s Ankara Adventures (The Aso-Ebi Chronicles, Part 1)

Lately, I have grown rather fond of illustrations, especially illustrated book covers.  I even started a board on Pinterest devoted exclusively to this.

Aso-Ebi Chronicles - Bewaji's Ankara Adventures - 1700x2500

Today, I decided to share the book cover for my very first novella, titled Bewaji’s Ankara Adventures.  It is Part 1 in the Aso-Ebi Chronicles, and here is a brief summary of the story:

Bewaji is a 24-year old woman who is hired to investigate a strange case involving an American woman romantically involved with a man living in Nigeria. The presumption is that the woman is a victim of one of the popular “romance scams.” Will her suspicions be proven right?

The cover design features a young Nigerian woman who plays the role of an amateur sleuth/detective.  She is, of course wearing a strapless ankara gown, which is one of the popular styles of aso-ebi for that fabric.  To find out what role she plays in this story, beyond the summary, you’ll of course have to read it.

Here’s a link to read the PDF or download to your e-readers via Smashwords.

One more thing:  The cover was designed for me by Qaaim Goodwin, and as you can tell, I’m quite pleased with it. 😀


2 thoughts on “Illustrated Book Cover: Bewaji’s Ankara Adventures (The Aso-Ebi Chronicles, Part 1)

  1. This cover is sweet. Bewaji looks like an intelligent temptress who robs you of power so she can do what she wills, or draw out information from you, at your moment of vulnerability. That’s what the cover tells me o.

    And I won’t mention how melodious I think ‘Aso ebi chronicles’ sounds.

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