Caption This: Outside the Courts of Justice

Happy New Month! I can hardly believe we have less than 3 months left till the end of 2012.  And for those of us who celebrated Nigeria’s Independence on October 1st, what special ‘thing’ did you do to celebrate?

I took this picture at the Tate County Courthouse in Senatobia, which I got a chance to visit a while back.  I liked the color scheme of this particular courthouse (coral orange and green).  It’s different from the one for Desoto County.  It reminded me of aso-ebi or those beads used in traditional weddings, for some reason.  Do you agree?

This was the corridor just outside the Circuit Clerk’s office.  I will share what the interior looks like hopefully by next week.  For now, you can leave your caption in the comment section.

If you’re going for any Independence Celebration this weekend, what are your plans?  Either way, enjoy your weekend!


Tate County Courthouse, Senatobia, Mississippi

Don’t you just love the coral and green color scheme? Reminds me of aso-ebi


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