She (almost) kissed a Llama!

She saw him from a distance.  I think he saw her too.

(She) pushed through crowds of people, and they walked slowly towards each other.

She had only seen his ‘kind’ in photos … mostly on the internet.  But today was different.

She stood face to face with … him … it.

They stood facing each other

She wanted to reach out and touch him, but decided he would not like it.

He seemed to cherish his own space.  Yet, she still moved closer.

He looked like someone she knew.

Maybe if she got even closer, she could tell if ….

A few more steps …

Alas! Along came another of his kind, with a caramel-colored coat.

This new fellow interrupted their ‘moment.’

The Caramel-colored ‘interferer’ … Trifling!

Or was the new one a ‘she’? *shrugs shoulders* You decide.

Look at those eyelashes first though.

The ‘trifling’ caramel-colored interferer forced them to take another look at each other.

From a distance.

From a distance. Never mind that he had his back turned to her.

With heavy hearts, they walked away from each other, for they finally saw that they could never be together.  Why?

Because he had four legs, and she had just two.

Who was ‘she’?

It should be fairly obvious, that she was the was the one behind the camera!


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