Caption This: Taking their sweet time

I was coming home from work sometime last week.  Guess what I saw crossing the highway (not just an ordinary street o)? Well, you can see for yourself.  I think they were Canadian geese (not ducks).  Can you believe that these creatures were crossing the road ever so slowly? I kid you not.  Cars had to literally come to a complete stop and wait for them to saunter to “Lord-knows-where-they-were-headed.”

Knowing how common road kill is in this area, I am surprised they were spared.  Actually, there is a plausible explanation for it, as I found out on the radio last week too.  Apparently, Canadian geese are federally-protected property.  This definitely explains why they were allowed to go on their merry way.  And I suspect this gaggle of geese knew they were “special.”  They were not in a hurry at all.

Anyway, I got a picture.  Several actually.  I picked one picture and have captioned it “Taking their sweet time.”  Kindly share your caption!


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