Five Yellow Summer Symbols

Depending on where you live, it may or may not be summer at your end.  Well, it is summer in this part of the world, and with that comes hot, dry weather among other things.  Now, what do those “other things” include? That was the question on my mind a few days ago.  My short answer was Bright Colors.

I asked myself more questions (yes, my mind was wandering in every direction you can imagine), and one of them was this: What is the first color that comes to your mind when you think of summer?  Answer: Yellow.  For whatever reason, I immediately thought of large baskets of yellow “Sherri” mangoes at Oyingbo market.  Please don’t ask me why.  Shebi they are yellow? Ehen, that’s all you need to know 🙂

So, here are five things that symbolize or come to mind when I think of Summer.  Oh, they’re all yellow too.  Enjoy!

Yellow Sports car

Who doesn’t like sports cars? Can you resist one in this attractive yellow color? Summer is one of the times in the year when you can cruise in your sports car with the “top” off.  Picture yourself in this sweet ride.  You don’t? Too bad. I am. [Image Credit: Glynn Lowe Photoworks]

Yellow Lamborghini Gallardo: Sure beats “Keke Maruwa” anyday

Yellow Cupcakes

Another thing that comes to mind for summer is cake.  Specifically, cupcakes.  Who knew there was such a thing as “vintage” cupcakes?  I am guessing that has to do with the “design.”  They look almost too good to eat.  [Image Credit: The Cupcake Blog via Pinterest]

Yellow Vintage cupcakes: *singing* “My baiday is coming, Daddy buy cake [shoe] for me”

Yellow Shoes

When you’re not taking long walks on the beach this summer, you can strut around town (or just run your errands) wearing flats.  Yup, yellow sandals have summer written all over them.  [Image Credit: Style Me Pretty via Pinterest]

Yellow Leather Sandals: Dunlop slippers ain’t this cute

Yellow Bird

When they are not dropping “little presents” (droppings, is my word of choice.  It’s clean enough for this blog) in public places (including benches), they can be heard singing their little hearts out.  Or calling to their other friends to come and deface public places. *smh* [Image Credit: Billtacular via Flickr]

Yellow Warbler: Practicing hard for American Idol

Yellow Book

I actually own a copy of this book.  It’s called Yellow Yellow by Kaine Agary.  If you have not read it, then in the words of a wise man, you are “on a VERY long tin [thing].”  Grab your copy NOW! No, seriously, don’t spend your summer idling away.  Read, read, read.  You can start with this one 🙂 [Image Credit: Geosi Reads]

“Yellow Yellow” by Kaine Agary


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