Caption This: Bleaching gone wrong

I have to say I was quite impressed with last week’s “Caption This” captions.  You guys got really creative there.  What’s that non-existent saying again? Nothing like a still object to get the brain juices flowing.  Try saying that in your language and you’ll see why I called it “non-existent.”  I tried saying it in Yoruba and it was not cute.  I almost bit my own tongue.

So, before we get to this week’s “Caption This” entry, a little background story.  *stop yawning.  I can see you*

I took this picture in May on a visit to Memphis Barbeque – a restaurant.  More pictures from that visit coming soon.  While waiting to be seated at our table, I saw that they had some merchandise for sale.  They had the usual stuff you’d expect them to sell like barbeque sauce. I refused to buy it.  Barbeque sauce for like $ 15.00? I pass abeg! I will go and make my own at home with tatashe, ata rodo, and onions. Yes, I am indeed referring to stew.  Shebi na chicken or beef you go take am chop.  Na de same function barbeque sauce dey perform, shebi?  For my mind sha …

As I was saying, they had barbeque sauce, t-shirts, etc on sale.  And in the corner, I saw this *points at picture in mock horror* this … this …. Words fail me sef! I pray I never encounter such a “creature” at night.  And please can someone explain to me why his face is white (complete with blush), but his hands are cream, and his wrists (up to the point where they disappear into his shirt sleeves) are black? When you find the explanation, please inform me.

But based on the foregoing, I shall caption this “Bleaching gone wrong” because clearly, Porky here has been using bleaching cream.  So, what is your caption? I would love to read your entry.

Bleaching cream, makeup, blush, pork, Memphis Barbeque, dungarees, overalls, t-shirts

Bleaching gone wrong


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