Clocks, Columns and Courthouses: The Three Cs

I must have mentioned at some point on this blog that Hernando is the county seat of Desoto County.  Well, I was there today and was at the historic downtown square, where the courthouse is located.  After running my errands, I decided to take a few pictures of the courthouse building, and especially the big clock on the square.  As I was busy taking pictures, I also saw a memorial, which I never noticed before.  Lesson learnt today: details you’d otherwise overlook will be more obvious to you when you’re busing taking pictures.  At least, that’s how I choose to put it sha.

I also took note of the architecture of the buildings (emphasis on the columns – colonial style architecture is very common in the South). It was not until I was going to post the pictures here that I realized that the main objects I chose to focus on started with the letter “C,” hence the title: Clocks, Columns and Courthouses.

Alright, I will leave you to enjoy the pictures now.  But before I bounce, how old do you think that clock is?


3 thoughts on “Clocks, Columns and Courthouses: The Three Cs

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