Caption This: The Silent Observer

I have been inconsistent with this series. *sigh*

But, picking up from where I left off last time, here is the 2nd picture.  I saw this little (what an understatement) guy in a church when I went for a graduation party.  I just had to take a picture especially since I have never seen anything like “him” before.  I wonder what he does at night when everyone goes home.  Does he sit still or jump up and break dance? The world may never know!

I would caption this: The Silent Observer.  What is your caption?

Clergyman, Pastor, Doll, Mannequin, Bible

The Silent Observer


7 thoughts on “Caption This: The Silent Observer

    • Bon3y: Oh my Lord!!! See family ties o! In fact, I am suspecting you big time. Where you there? *eyebrows raised*

      “Too far removed to be worth the salt” – I won’t even attempt to top that. I troway salute for this caption!

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