What do Animals and Furniture have in common?

So, did you miss me? LOL! I have been missing in action for a while now, but I will just skip the sob story and do what I came here to do: SING! What? You mean you did not visit this blog to hear my “almost” American idol entry? Shuo! Una no try at all.  Okay, let’s get straight to it.  Time for pictures.  But first, a story.

A few months ago, I visited two furniture stores.  It was not my first time visiting one, but this time around I made an interesting discovery:  apparently, animals are quite popular in the furniture industry.  Apart from the usual pieces of furniture that adorn tables such as vases, animals are also used for interior decorations.  Once you see the pictures, you’ll see what I mean.

Apart from animals and vases, what items would you use to decorate your space (home, office, etc)? I would love to know, so please share 🙂


11 thoughts on “What do Animals and Furniture have in common?

  1. I particularly like the ones with the stone/wood pots and the other picture with the flowery abstract art on the wall. I’ll go broke if I walked into a store like this with my salary.

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  3. Wait-a-min, what’s “almost American idol”? Is that what you call ‘Karaoke’ nowadays?
    Are we supposed to see features of animals like Ostriches and Porcupines here? ( 2 and 3). Lovely images

    • Tobystic: LOL! I mean that my imaginary solo did not make it to the American idol audition because …. well, it is imaginary noni. No karaoke for me (shaking head frantically). Not yet.

      Those were not supposed to be animal features, though your comment made me go back and inspect the images. Those were wall decorations but I see the one that looked like a porcupine.

      Thanks! Let me stop here before I turn this comment into a separate blog post 🙂

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