I had thought of doing this for a while and I just decided to take the plunge. I will be posting random pictures and ask my readers to caption it. Think of it as a weekly game to play. Or a way to interprete art. LOL!

So I just shared the following picture on Instagram and decided to use it to jump start the series. I captioned it “What your camera does when you’re not looking.”

What’s your own caption?

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7 thoughts on “CAPTION THIS: #NewSeries

  1. Well, Thats a camera and earphone. Camera represents pictures and earphones represent music. So let me if I can come with something that will…..Oh yes , I got it!
    “Picture the music!”

    • Tobystic: Well it looks like someone is working hard at this. Lol! Of course I am not complaining 🙂

      My favorite ones are ‘Defendants’ nightmare’ and ‘Journalists’ best friend’ Those were pretty cool … Just like the picture, said the photographer.

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