2nd ‘Stax to the Max’ Festival in Memphis

This past weekend, Saturday to be exact, I was sorely tempted to do what I usually do on weekends: stay at home and load up on some good old R & R.  That was the plan, but like every good story, there’s a twist: the day did not go as I planned.  Yes, I ended up going for the 2nd “Stax to the Max” Festival in Memphis, Tennessee, with my family.  I know you don’t know what “Stax to the Max” is, so you can read more about it here.

The main reason I carried my two legs outside that day was because tickets for entry into the Stax Museum of American Soul Music were selling at $1.00.  You read that right: One Dollar! As a Naija babe, I no dey carry last.  Except in vices and other questionable behavior.  But going to the museum does not fall into that category.  Plus $ 1.00 for tickets that typically cost $12.00 in my dictionary = almost free.  In my case, it was free because I did not pay *dancing alanta AND azonto* And I took lots of pictures.

However, I do not have much time to upload them all today, so I shall do a teaser: Upload just 7 pictures (Yes, I counted them), which will hopefully entice you to come back to view the rest.  Or not.  Anyway, here are a few shots from the festival.  I also recorded a mini video which I will include next time too.  Enjoy!

Stax Academy

Stax Academy Memphis Tiger

I wanted to take a picture with the tiger too, but didn’t (sob, sob)

Crowd of Humanity watching performances on stage

Stax Museum Entrance, Stax Records

About to Enter the Museum

Notice Board?

Inside Stax Museum, Selling merchandise to patrons

What’s a Museum without merchandise to sell to patrons?

Tina Turner, Ike Turner, Stax Museum Memphis

Yup, Ike and Tina Turner were represented


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