Gospel Poetry Night

Hello, people! How has your week been? Mine has been okay o. I am still in shock at how April just breezed by. The 1st quarter of the year is almost over. *gasp* I am not complaining of course.

Anyway, last weekend, I attended the much-anticipated, much-talked about poetry night at Brown Missionary Baptist Church. According to the flier, it was supposed to be a night of:

  • Free Food
  • Dynamic Music
  • Open Mic
  • Spoken Word
  • Great Singing
  • Poetry
Flier, Gospel Poetry Night, Mississippi Gospel Music, Flier

Flier | I put it on a black leather file

And now the question is: Did it live up to its expectations? Yes, it did! My enthusiasm might stem from the fact that this was my first time attending an event of this kind, i.e. poetry, spoken word-type event. I enjoyed it, and I see many more poetry nights in my future 🙂 Unfortunately, I got there late, so I did not get pictures from the very beginning, but I will share some of the few pictures I got anyway. Many of them were not clear, so I omitted those. I sat at the very back on the bleachers (it was in the gym). So from my vantage point, here is what I observed:

Gymnasium, Spoken Word, People

Cross-section of attendees: The guy on stage rapped to a soundtrack; The guy on the right was one of the MCs


Spoken Word, People, Church, Gymnasium

She read a poem about being bullied in school


Poetry Reading, Spoken Word, Church, Gymnasium in Church

She also read a poem; Those wearing red and black were the organizers/workers


Spoken Word in Church, Gospel Music, Mississippi, Gymnasium in Church

Spoken Word: She was quite demonstrative and didn't read from any piece of paper


The two male MCs also each performed their own poems. There was a break (to stuff our faces), and after that the event continued. But, people left in droves after eating. *smh* Surprised much? I wasn’t o. Some people apparently did not get to perform that night, so they will be given another chance to share their talent at another gospel poetry night. For a first time event, this was well-organized and well-attended too.

C’est finit! Enjoy the rest of your week.


2 thoughts on “Gospel Poetry Night

  1. Next time they should not serve food. Nibbles, maybe. Food makes people lethargic. Or maybe serve the drinks during the break and the food for anyone left afterwards. The trick is to make sure that the smell wafts into the hall periodically. He he!

    • Lol! I see you’re of the ‘kill them softly with the aroma of food’ persuasion. Hehehe. The food was actually finger food and was served in between sessions, but I guess folks had places to go at 9pm on Saturday night.

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