Colors of Easter

I’ve been away from this blog for TOO long, and it’s good to be back!!! Special thanks to Upwardliving for the gentle reminder to update.  I do apologize for being away for so long, and hopefully, I’ll be more consistent from now on.  Okay, enough rambling.  Off to the ‘koko’ of the post jo!

During my unannounced “sabbatical,”  Easter came and went.  I actually missed Palm Sunday.  I just had no idea it even came and went until the following week *shakes head*  That’s definitely one of the things I miss about Lagos.  Pata-pata, I would have seen some one waving palm fronds on Sunday to alert me that “Hey, today is Palm Sunday.”  But there was nothing like that at this end.

Anyway, before Easter came, I went to Wal-Mart to run some errands, and was struck by these display shelves for cleaning supplies:

Cleaning Supplies at WalMart

Colored displays at Wal-Mart

Colored shelves WalMart Southaven Mississippi

Which came first: the colored backdrop or the supplies?

Now, I don’t know whether they were re-modelling or what, but it certainly caught my eye.  Thankfully, my sister was patient enough to let me get these shots before bouncing off to another aisle.  Sometime after Easter, when I looked at the pictures, it struck me that inasmuch as we associate two colors with Christmas (Red and Green), Easter does not have specific colors attached to it per se.  Instead (at least here in the US), we associate Easter with bright colors, probably because it coincides with Spring.

The colors are particularly important in terms of what outfits people choose to celebrate Easter with.  I have noticed that here, the stores are always advertising all these brightly colored dresses and/or dresses with flower prints.  You get the picture, right? Because special holidays like Easter take my mind back to Nigeria, I also thought about the outfits worn in churches in Lagos for Easter.  Of course, I am referring to the women’s outfits.  Who really pays attention to men’s outfits? LOL! Apart from the Easter message, it was fun to see ladies in church, trying to out-do each other with different styles of the “latest lace” (imported, of course, even though imported fabrics are apparently banned … go figure) and gele.

However, regardless of where you live, if you had to pick a color (or two) to describe Easter (the Death and Resurrection of Jesus o, not any yeye Easter bunny), what color (s) would you pick?

Color Wheel Blackberry

I found this on Blackberry Messenger


4 thoughts on “Colors of Easter

  1. Thanks for the props Sharon.I wish I take my own advice sometimes. Haven’t updated my in! Still I am glad I could motivate you. Nice post. I particularly like the second photo.Looks almost like abstract art to me.
    What colours would I pic…hmmm…let me see now… I dunno…maybe black and red. (probably not the best person to as that!)

    • Upwardliving: Life happens and we have to attend to other concerns apart from blogging. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it 🙂

      Black and Red? Issokay … LOL! Red I can understand, but black *scratching head*

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