One place that is always full

The Chick Fil-A in Southaven is always full, and I don’t know why! Phew! (wipes brow).  There, I said it, and now I feel much better.  For whatever reason, it does not matter the day or time, that restaurant is always packed.  And I mean BOTH the drive thru and the restaurant itself.  As if that is not enough, they always seem to have kids in there with or without adults.  I have seen people of all ages, ranging from toddlers to senior citizens there.  Of course, it would not have stood out in my mind, if say, McDonald’s was also always packed.  But, that is not the case.  Of all the fast-food restaurants in this area, this one just gets a lot of human traffic.

I thought of going in there one day and taking pictures, but I put myself in the shoes of the customers and figured that I wouldn’t appreciate someone coming in and taking random snapshots of me wolfing down my 3-count chicken strips.  (laughs) Yes, even the honey mustard dressing wouldn’t make the shutter-happy photo-gee any less annoying.  But, I figured taking a few pictures of the parking lot and drive thru on one of my visits wouldn’t hurt now, would it? Anyways, you can see what I mean with these pictures:








In case you were wondering, these pictures were taken in the morning.  See how people dey queue to chop egg and bread! The quality of Chick Fil-A’s food beats Micky D’s anyday.  However, they’re both fast food restaurants, so ….

Then, my mind drifted to Nigeria.  I know there’s a KFC in Lagos, but last time I checked, there was no McDonald’s at all in any of the 36 states, let alone, Abuja.  Do you have any idea why? I would have thought Naija was a hot market for the McDonald’s franchise, but I may be wrong.  So, back to my question:  Why is there no McDonald’s in Nigeria?


7 thoughts on “One place that is always full

  1. “Why is there no McDonald’s in Nigeria?”

    A lot of companies have refused to come to Nigeria because of all the hassles they have to go through dealing with corrupt officials and security issues.I think the strongest hindrance may be that they fear they may not be able to enforce quality control and Nigerians may ruin their international brand image. Besides they are making so much money from Asia and Europe that it may not miss the Nigerian market that much.

    Would have enjoyed the pics more if you captured the human traffic.

    • Dan: Thanks for the suggestion capturing human traffic. I’ll keep that in mind next time.

      As for your response to McDonald’s in Nigeria, I have actually heard that particular reason offered before (as per quality control), but I am not buying it. There are ways to enforce quality control, even in Nigeria, but it would probably not be cost-effective. Also, you rightly pointed out that the Asian (especially China) and European (and of course, the North American) markets are much bigger (for now, at least) than the African market. Seeing as Nigeria is considered one of the top, growing economies, it might make sense to look into it, at least.

  2. “Seeing as Nigeria is considered one of the top, growing economies, it might make sense to look into it, at least.”
    Well, right now with the recent news of Kidnapping and BokoHarram attacks,it seems most unlikely.

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