Steak Escape – Visit Numero Uno

Sometime around Valentine’s Day, I went to Steak Escape for lunch with my employers.  I had no idea there was even a Steak Escape nearby.  This one was in Hernando, the official capital of Desoto County.  It was my first time there and while placing our orders, I noticed the Valentine’s Day goodies displayed on the counter, right beside the register.  I presume it was there to lure customers to purchase them.  I did not fall into that trap.  But I did note it.

Valentine's Day Goodies

Valentine's Day Goodies

After placing our orders, we found our tables and sat down.  I picked a window seat.  I LOVE window seats, especially on planes.

Window Seat at Steak Escape

View from Window seat

Of course, you cannot eat without drinking.  Behold the cup!  It had their philosophy inscribed on the back/side:

Sweet Tea

Something to drink, of course!

Sweet Tea

Philosophy inscribed on cup

When the food came, I was amazed at the size of the fries.  Ki lo de? I mean, I had not seen so many fries stacked in a cup for one sandwich.

French Fries

Cup of Fries

French Fries

Fries ... again

Sandwich plus fries

All together now

The bread was crusty (good) and the “meat” (Call it steak if you want) was on the low side (not-s0-good).  Subway would have been better (and tastier).  So said fellow chopulators too.  But it was free (They paid for me), so I no fit complain too much.  Who says there’s no free lunch in America? Iro l’epa! (Na lie you talk!)


2 thoughts on “Steak Escape – Visit Numero Uno

  1. That is one humungous cup!!! Hope your bladder was able to cope, lol. Those fries look scrumptuous. Free food always taste good, even if the steak wasn’t so good 🙂 Nice post

    • Jollof, you can say that again! That was just regular size o. Imagine what the large looked like. Just imagine! My bladder was fine jo.

      The fries look scrumptuous but they didn’t taste scrumptuous, sadly. Free food is good food. At least that’s what I say.

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