Two Little Piggies

I have always wanted a piggy bank.  So I ignored the possibility of being labelled an agbaya and this twenty-something year old found her way to Amazon.  No, not the jungle.  Just, where JJCs can study Online Shopping 101.  Coming from an ex-JJC, you know that’s a compliment. 

I went and ordered two piggy banks and eagerly awaited their arrival.  One fine day, they arrived, together, in one box. I un-packed them and gazed at my two new friends.


Alas, there is a nasty twist to this story.  I didn’t even get a chance to name them because they were TOO SMALL.  They were so small, in fact, that they each fit in the palm of my hand.


Don’t you just love the white and black polka dot ribbons?  Adorable! I knew I would have to return them, but that didn’t stop me from doing a 360-degree set of shots with them.  #DontJudgeMe.


I don’t believe in buying stuff I won’t use.  So, yours truly finally mailed them back and asked for a refund.  Amazon has since refunded my money and all is well with the world again.  Only God knows where those two little piggies are now.  

But the story doesn’t end there.  I didn’t give up on my “piggy-bank-ownership” quest (as if savings accounts are out-dated).  Wal-Mart had them in stock and I carried my two legs there (no online ordering this time around) and got another set of 2 piggy banks.  I haven’t taken any pictures of them though.

The Moral of the Story? Sometimes, what you’re traveling many miles to look for is right under your nose.  Or maybe just in your backyard.  Okay, fine! It’s in Wal-Mart 😉 


4 thoughts on “Two Little Piggies

    • What? You did? You mean you still have it after all this time? That’s remarkable. I don’t plan to keep these ones very long though.

      • I was going to pass it to my son but I didn’t think it was fair that one sibling should get it and not the other so, I kept it. I’ll buy them other ones. Besides, it’s MY piggy bank! Wetin? I don’t want to disappear into my children abeg! And what if I have rough boys? My piggy bank is sooooo delicate and beautiful and as old as I am. I’ll send you a photo.

        • LOL @ disappearing into your children. And all the mothers said: AMEN! A memento from your past that your boys shouldn’t break. I feel you. Dis one don turn to family heirloom. Abeg include it in your will. And please send a picture. I wanna see the precious.

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