The Mystery of the Missing Hand

As I was just jeje-ly browsing in Dillard’s today, guess what I saw? Well, see for yourself:

Whose hand is this?

I was so fascinated with this anomaly (This was the first time I had seen such), that I took a few more shots (courtesy of my BlackBerry’s camera):

Change your style

This time around, Black and White appealed to me and this shot was born:

Black and White Version

And finally, the last shot.  I bent down to take this one. You can tell I was quite ‘jobless’ [laughs].  When I sha bent down, I saw the legs of another mannequin.  I don’t think this was her hand though.  So, the Mystery of the Missing Hand is still unsolved, I suppose.

Do you see what I see? Different Perspective, aye?

I hope you enjoyed those.  I certainly did.


7 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Missing Hand

    • I blush! Thank you, Nwunye.

      In the same vein as your hypo, it is even sadder to imagine that another mannequin might get her hand. But it could be worse. She could be missing … a head (gulp)

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